Substitute London Trip

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I missed the London trip, so instead here’s a Palma trip. Which is almost as good. The art in Palma, Majorca is a mixture of the very old and very new, but one thing  I really loved about Palma was what I found out and about in town. Here are some snaps:

A stone tablet from a castle museum gallery. Old example of a Serif font.

Modern cafe sign.

Spanish road sign.

Outside the modern art museum.

Interesting shop sign; Egyptian theme.

There were a lot of these in Palma, rather than doors that went straight to the ground; many corner shops and small cafes had little hatches like this instead.

One of the things I loved about Palma is the effort made in keeping everything aestheically pleasing and colour-coordinated, every building was painted a warm yellow pastel colour, and surrounding decor and signs followed a similar theme. Even graffiti artists were courteous enough to not graffiti on the stone work.

Carvings on a tree.

Outside the modern art gallery, a letter form perhaps?

Yards away from the modern art gallery, and upside-down church about the size of a shed.

Outisde the modern art gallery; funky concrete chairs.

Spanish Banksy perhaps?

Outside the modern art gallery-statue.


Almost trip to London

October 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

The uni trip to the Design Museum London started at 7am, by 4am it was quite obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. Decided not to call Gabbi right at that moment but wait a couple of hours.

Missing London was a slight problem, meant that number one I missed the museum, and two I don’t have any interesting design to write about. Attempted to find interesting design around Bournemouth but didn’t always have much luck.

As it so happened the design came to me, either through the post or as part of my day to day life. So the following photos (not all by me) are everyday pieces of design that I consider to be interesting, if anything they simply made me stop and look twice, and I reckon that’s what good design is all about.

First off; something that came through the post a few days ago. Part of a John Lewis catalogue this picture really caught my eye, so much so that I cut it out and stuck it to the fridge until I could think what to do with it. A simple idea; forming the shape of a house out of the household goods that John Lewis sells. Sticking to a plain, light background, primary colours, means that this complex image isn’t over crowded, but actually works very well. It can be viewed from two angles; from a distance and seeing the entire house shape, or close up and inspecting each of the detailed items forming the house shape.


Now a can of deodorant may seem like a bit of a cop out, after all it is something that I could literally just grab since it’s fairly close to me. But truth be told I’ve had my eye on this particular product ever since seeing it advertised on TV. It’s not so much the product itself, but rather the design of it that caught my eye.


The fluid typeface with the long, elegant letters reflects the feminine aspect of this product, it is also visually beautiful. The new colour scheme in particular stood out for me. Glossy, natural, pastel colours are not often found in the world of cosmetics, which tend to be mainly plain white with perhaps a vulgar blue or aqua foreground. However this product is a dusty, metallic pink, with a dirty pastel cyan pattern. The two colours complement each other perfectly. It reminds me of something that has the classic or vintage look, but is at the same time feminine. Dove is a brand I am particularly interested in ever since the recent “natural beauty” campaign they launched.


Now one thing I’ve noticed is that as a student I can’t get a foot outside the uni gates without having a dozen flyers and leaflets thrown at me. Most of these are pretty terrible and end up on the floor a few meters away, and they continue to litter the path right into Winton. That being said these next two I did hang on too. Propaganda. One of many student night clubs. I thought that their flyers were so well designed that they deserved to be in a frame, in fact I’m ashamed to say that I kept my two and stuck them to my wall as “art” Most of these sorts of flyers have some tacky font, loud colours, and a half naked dancing girl on the front cover. This one looks more like a children’s party invite at first glance; friendly colours (and lots of them) cute, hand written typefaces, and fuzzy little cartoons. For a flyer they actually have a lot of text written on them, but no 2 lines are ever the same size/colour. This is why it works so well, all the information required is there, with the most important parts displayed as the largest/most colourful. Fantastic example of design.

pink turtle

Flyer one and two

orange fuzz

When out and about around Bournemouth town; a group of us came across this wall painting. I really wish there was more of this about, in Brighton I saw loads of it. Rainbow tree trunks, fantastic way to advertise.

rainbow trunks

And that’s it from my almost trip to London. Hope you enjoyed it.

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