Arabic Typography

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just something I saw on deviantart and loved. Rarely do you see typography in a different language/alphabet. In this case Arabic.

Title: Typography B

Artist: Mehriran




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As part of our group project focussing on the design era “Streamlined” A model was made, this is the model photoshopped to give it a metalic feel.


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Old project – Given 2 words: Irish and Assassin. Made a logo representing this. I chose to focus on a clover as the symbol for Irish. I thought of a target, replacing the circle with the clover. Simple green outline.

Next time I would add more detail to this, it looks a little too basic. However this was my first time using the pen tool and the software.

What is Britishness? – Project

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For my theme I chose to look at British bylaws, now mostly inactive. I cam across some very stranges ones. most of them were impossible for me to try myself, except for one, the one I chose to base my design on: It is treason to place a postage stamp of the king or queens face upside down on any letter or parcel.

My text is all the british bylaws I could find; arranged into the shape of an upside down postal stamp. With a dark, royal blue background.

At the bottom is a small dictionary definition of the bylaw.

Things I would change: I would have a lot more text; and much, much smaller, probably in a simpler font. That way the image of the queen would be much clearly. It’s only obvious at the moment if you know what to look for. Being upside down makes it even harder to spot.

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