blue brogues business card concept

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blue brogues business card concepts.


Kinetic Typography

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This is one of the best kinetic typography videos I’ve ever seen, made entirely using After Effects. The song is Online Songs by Blink 182.

This is a fast paced song and the words match the beat perfectly. Its simple colours don’t over-power the text, the whole thing is very neatly edited and the end result is fantastic.

Ametuar art is always the best

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I’ve been on for 5 years now. Not really uploading anything, just watching others. Over the recent months I’ve been building up a collection of my favourite graphic design pieces, which I will post here from time to time for inspiration.


Fantastic designer, simple manipulation of text, here’s some of my favourites:

Stop Global Whining

All art (c) Peter Kay, gallery can be found here:

Substitute London Trip

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I missed the London trip, so instead here’s a Palma trip. Which is almost as good. The art in Palma, Majorca is a mixture of the very old and very new, but one thing¬† I really loved about Palma was what I found out and about in town. Here are some snaps:

A stone tablet from a castle museum gallery. Old example of a Serif font.

Modern cafe sign.

Spanish road sign.

Outside the modern art museum.

Interesting shop sign; Egyptian theme.

There were a lot of these in Palma, rather than doors that went straight to the ground; many corner shops and small cafes had little hatches like this instead.

One of the things I loved about Palma is the effort made in keeping everything aestheically pleasing and colour-coordinated, every building was painted a warm yellow pastel colour, and surrounding decor and signs followed a similar theme. Even graffiti artists were courteous enough to not graffiti on the stone work.

Carvings on a tree.

Outside the modern art gallery, a letter form perhaps?

Yards away from the modern art gallery, and upside-down church about the size of a shed.

Outisde the modern art gallery; funky concrete chairs.

Spanish Banksy perhaps?

Outside the modern art gallery-statue.

Oh dear…

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Yes it seems I have neglected my blog somewhat. Since it’s coming up to a year since I last posted. ha. woops.

Anyway, no more. From now on I will attempt to post regularly, and post all my work etc. fingers crossed.

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